Our time in Techstars

For me as a founder I always looked at Y-Combinator and Techstars as almost the best of the best when it came to accelerator programs. But being honest, I had gone through an accelerator in the past and I was always anxious of doing another one and falling into a bad habit as I‘ve seen […]

My time in Ghana

This blog post has taken me longer than usual, as it’s been difficult to put into words the experience I had in Ghana this month. I could write about so many things: how some communities are much less fortunate than we are; the ‘things’ we take for granted like running water, food and safe roads; […]

7 shocking results around female fundraising

It’s no surprise that the subject of female leaders/CEO’s has always been a topic of conversation amongst organisations especially in recent years. Perhaps this topic gained momentum after large companies were made examples of for having little or no females in leadership positions or maybe it was down to some great female leaders who began […]

Soft Pitch or First Date? 

The number of startups with at least one female founder has more than quadrupled in the last five years, yet it can still feel like uncharted territory. While it’s exciting and inspiring to be a pioneer, the protocols can be confusing and the signals misleading. As founders, we obviously want all eyes on our product, […]