Something I have in common with Richard Branson

I remember sitting in class when I was 12 trying to desperately understand why all my friends could recite an english poem while I couldn’t piece the sentences together no matter how hard I tried!I think back to trying to learn and speak french both in Ireland and yes in France while I spent 6 weeks there and STILL I could not grasp the french language like everyone else could. I thought something was wrong with me…!

But thankfully my parents had other ideas and after much convincing I eventually agreed to see someone and this is when I found out that I am Dyslexic.

At first, I didn’t want to share this with anyone, I wanted to hide it because I didn’t want to be treated any different to my friends. hiding-in-embarrassment

I began to embrace my dyslexia because I had to decide if I was going to either accept it or fight it so instead I totally embraced it! Sometimes things get tough in work but man nothing was ever as hard as it was in my final year in University when I was studying for my final exams,this is when I had my first cup of coffee and I’ve never looked back since!

The day of my results still to this day is one of my proudest moments, to me I got the greatest result and I knew deep down that I gave it everything I had. This lesson remains with me today that nothing comes easy,  working hard gives you results!

Boom! Graduation time!

I’ve always been fascinated by dyslexic people because for some reason we think different, we think outside the box because sometimes we have no other choice! When I started KonnectAgain I understood my strengths and my weakness and my dyslexia effected both sides!Most importantly it forced me to look at things in a different way it gave me an opportunity to embrace change and a different way of thinking and for that I look at my dyslexia as a gift!

In life I admire so many people, but one of my ultimate heroes is Sir Richard Branson(Founder of Virgin). Richard Branson was always someone I’ve admired, his name was first mentioned to me when I was 16 and as someone as an example who is dyslexic but yet didn’t allow this hold him back from achieving whatever he wanted to!

10 years later I still admire him not just for his business success but his kindness and absolute perseverance for continuing to making the world a better/cleaner/safer place and he is nailing it!

I recently met with him when I was in San Francisco, I really enjoyed getting to meet him as he definitely exceeded expectations. It reaffirmed what a special person Richard Branson really is and how we both shared something in common!

So anyone out there who may be a bit embarrassed or in self denial of having a learning disability I say to you, embrace it!!
PS: Some familiar faces who are dyslexic!