The busier you get, the fitter you should be!!

The average week of a founder can sometimes fluctuate between never leaving the desk or else running around to several meetings which may include several train rides, Uber pools, flights and a hell of a lot of coffee to keep repeating this process!

I love the weeks when  you constantly have to be on the go, I am one of these people who operate better when I have a million things to do in day as I can stay really focused on the things to get done!But at the same time it is pretty difficult to stay healthy and fit when your operating at a fast pace.

There may be days that I forget to eat and substitute my lunch with a big coffee and a granola bar or decide that a glass of really nice wine with a pal is better than finding somewhere to get dinner( I know I am not alone on that one!)


IMG_0013Exercising is something I really enjoy, it makes me feel better, stronger and it’s possibly the only time I put my phone on airplane mode! But a part from the obvious health benefits it’s actually become an essential part of my life style and the positive impacts on the body and mind speaks for itself!

The past two months for me in particular have been extremely busy, I decided that in order to keep up with the busy schedule that I had to plan in advance my exercise routine in the same method I plan my work routine. So I invested time into researching the different programs that are on offer to find the right one that was right for me.

After downloading multiple app’s, getting a program from a personal trainer, trying cross fit and making my own program up(would not recommend this route!) I finally settled on one, Kayla Itsines .

There are two different programs, 1-12 week and then 13-24, I’m nearly finished the first one and I have never felt better and fitter. I went from doing one push up (bearly) to now 50 in one session. Its a 28 minute session which you do three times a week.


Sneak peak of a workout session!
Different workout routines weekly!

Another habit I’ve made myself get into is always having a breakfast, coffee does not count as breakfast unfortunately!

This is my favourite recipe and I’ve made this everywhere I go! It’s really healthy and you can prepare this the night before so it’s ready and waiting for you in the morning! I’ve actually had this for dessert too,it’s that good! oatmeal-with-berries-and-nuts_original

What you need:

  • Oats
  • Berries (of all kinds!)
  • Honey
  • Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, hazelnuts
  • Almond Milk (preferably unsweetened)


Mix all components together in a glass, into the fridge, wait until morning and enjoy!!!